Water Therapy

A comfortable in-water therapy, proven to quicken recovery.


Water Therapy Water Therapy, also called Underwater Treadmill Therapy, is among the most effective therapies for post-op canines, or pets with orthopedic, neurological and geriatric conditions associated with muscle weakness. The therapy involves the use of an underwater treadmill, where animals are able to practice (and ultimately regain) motion and flexibility. At Paradise Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, our water therapy program is one of the area’s best. Our treadmill is located in a spacious, 18 by 6 by 4 foot heated therapy pool (rather than a tank), which allows a therapist to be in the water with every patient. Animals are lowered into the pool on the treadmill along side a trainer. They then exercise alongside that trainer throughout the entire session. Even the most water-anxious animals are at ease with our facilities. Water Therapy offers the following benefits: • Increases circulation • Reduces pain • Reduces inflammation • Prevents injury to other limbs while recovering from an orthopedic procedure • Permits the trainer to assist gait work as the pet is walking on the treadmill • Increases flexibility • Strengthens muscles (without impacting joints) • Enables greater mobility • Allows proper mechanic gait even in a weak patient At Paradise Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Water Therapy is utilized with many of our post-op and neurological patients. To date, we’ve seen dramatic results in virtually all of our patients. Check out our testimonials or to see the benefits of Water Therapy vs. Swimming, click here. Have a question about water therapy? Ask us.