We highly recommend Paradise Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy for their knowledge, and devotion. We feel very lucky to have a great facility so close. Sidney is a 14+ year old German shepherd who at age 10 had shoulder surgery at a local specialty vet to treat a right-bicep tendon rupture. After surgery, Sidney continued limping. We tried swimming and physical therapy elsewhere with no improvement. After a consultation with Dr. Burke, a treatment plan to increase her strength, decrease muscle wasting in her leg, and improve her range of motion was developed. She began a weekly schedule of hydrotherapy on the treadmill and laser treatment to which she responded well and was able to return to her favorite pastime of playing fetch. Now, at 14, we are sure the earlier rehab contributed to her longevity. She continues weekly therapy sessions to maintain muscle strength during her golden years.
Melody and Allen Schaeffer

We brought Lucie to Paradise Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine in February 2012 due to paralysis in her hind legs following back surgery. From the first phone contact with Chris, I knew we’d found the help we needed for Lucie. Chris was knowledgeable about Lucie’s condition and care requirements, understanding of our concerns and she gave us unending support throughout the course of Lucie’s therapy. Lucie received exceptional care from Dr. Burke and the entire team. The team’s dedication to Lucie’s recovery was unwavering. We don’t know what we’d have done without Paradise Canine Rehab. We are still amazed with Lucie’s recovery and very happy to report that she is up and walking on her own.
Gary, Jane & Lucie Simmont