Deaf Dog Awareness Week: Meet Elliott & Ivy!

Elliott is a 4 year old Bully Mix who is coming to us for therapy for bilateral TPLO’s. His sister Ivy is deaf and sometimes comes with him to help him with his therapy.

Ivy is a 2 ½ year old pit-bull who has been deaf ever since she was a puppy. Ivy was found locally in Maryland on Ivy’s owner says the most challenging obstacle in having a dog that is deaf was the puppy years. Luckily Ivy had a big brother named Elliott to “be her ears”. Ivy and Elliott have grown over the years to be “best friends” and she is constantly watching him for his leadership.


Dizzle Understands Sign Language!

In honor of Deaf Dog Awareness Week, our friend Kristen sent us this amazing video of her dog Dizzle. Dizzle is a fully deaf Jack Russell Terrier. He knows sign language and lives a great life!

Just click the photo to see the video!

Next Week is Deaf Dog Awareness Week


This year, Deaf Dog Awareness Week is from September 16th-20th. We will be featuring stories about some of our clients, patients and friends as well as other information about deaf dog education. If you know of any interesting stories, please email them to us so that we can share them.

Outside of an obvious physical difference, deaf dogs are just your normal, everyday dogs. They do have a better excuse for not listening than most dogs, but they live in our houses, sleep on our beds, play with our children and ride in our cars. They go for walks, chase balls, bark at squirrels (yes, they do bark), and at the end of the day, they collapse in front of the TV with the rest of the family. They share our lives, and are our companions and friends.