Referring Doctors

Primary Care Veterinarians and Specialists: We welcome your referrals!

The majority of our patients at Paradise Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine come by way of medical referral. We value and respect the relationship our referring veterinarians have with their clients and don’t offer “regular” veterinary services to our therapy referrals. We’re simply here to provide them with therapy.

Our office sees a variety of patients in different stages of their recovery. In certain cases, it’s best if patients see a therapist sooner rather than later to optimize their recovery. Early intervention is extremely effective for post-operative patients, who benefit greatly from passive range of motion and appropriate pain control. Other early intervention candidates include: Complex medical/surgical patients (i.e. Cushing’s disease and ACL repairs), Patients with multiple limb injuries with or without neurologic involvement, patients with athletic/performance goals and patients with neurological injury (i.e. spinal surgery, FCE).

To refer your client to Paradise Pet Therapy, please follow these steps:
1) Fill out a basic referral form for your patient and fax it to the therapy center at 410-747-9231.
2) Ensure that your patients are up to date on their CORE vaccines or titers and that they have a current bordatella vaccination.
3) Fax or forward any medical information, radiographs, recent laboratory work or recommended therapy information to our office.

You can expect to receive the following communications from us:

Initial Consultation Report – After an initial consultation, we normally provide you with a written document outlining our evaluation and treatment recommendations.

Progress Report – Upon the completion of a 3-4 week therapy program, we’ll forward a progress report summarizing the patient’s progress.

Medical Calls – We’ll call your office with any concerns or questions, or to request that the patient get a refill of medication. It is our routine to send the patient back to the primary care veterinarian for medication or laboratory work unless the primary DVM asks us to handle it.

Who to contact:
To speak with Dr. Burke at any time about a therapy patient, call 410-744-4224.
To schedule a patient evaluation, please call the therapy department directly 410-719-6920.
If you have questions about the timing of your referral, please call 410-744-4224.