Speed work, Agility and Explosive Movement

When recovering from injury or surgery, it is imperative that a dog rebuild basic core strength and balance before doing any speed work. Emphasis should be place on symetrical gaits and movements. Walking and trotting are examples of symetrical gaits. All early speed work should be perfected at a trot before running. As the patient improves more pace variation can be introduced including hills, obstacles and controlled games.

DO NOT perform these excersises until cleared to do so by your veterinarian.

Trotting Patterns

Trotting can be introduced in a variety of patterns including serpentines, figure eights circles etc. All are useful and can be chosen based on the terrain and the dog’s ability.

Trotting Cavaletti


Trotting in a figure eight encourages flexibility while moving. the inner and outer limbs follow different paths with the outer limbs having a longer swing phase and the inner a longer weightbearing phase. The pace should be enough to keep the dog at a trot the entire time.

Monkey in the middle

This game is useful to introduce explosive movement in a controlled setting.