Home Exercises

Support your pet’s improvement with rehabilitation homework.


At-home therapy care is essential in the progress of our outpatient clients. We provide our patients with a homework plan and assistive devices so pet owners can continue therapy at home. We’ll also demonstrate the proper technique for each exercise during our initial consultation.This section of the site shows our complete homework ¬†list, with photos. You can use this section in conjunction with your home exercise plan to examine the photos of each exercise movement. We caution visitors that not every exercise is appropriate for every patient. Your surgeon, primary care doctor or rehabilitation specialist should be consulted before providing at-home therapy with your pet.

Paradise Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine’s Home Exercises include:

Core, Proprioception and Balance Exercises
Strengthening Exercises
Speed Work, Agility and Explosive Movement
Passive Range of Motion Exercises (PROM)
Flexibility and Other Exercises

To see an example of our Home Exercise Plan, click here.
If you’ve lost your Home Exercise Plan and need another copy, just ask us. We’re happy to provide it.