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My dog is terrified of the water. I’m worried about water therapy.
Rest assured. Paradise Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine water therapy program was specifically developed to accommodate water-terrified dogs. Because their feet are on the ground most dogs get comfortable very quickly.

When is overnight boarding appropriate?

Overnight boarding is often chosen by owners with neuro patient pets in early recovery. This allows the therapy team the opportunity to provide multiple sessions of manual and assistive treatments. We find that, early in their recovery, neuro patients really benefit from multiple small “hands on” sessions rather than a one hour visit. That being said, we are happy to have owners do all of the nursing and home care of their “down” pets if they are physically able to so.

Can you prescribe and dispense pain medication on-site?
Yes, when necessary and with communication with your primary care veterinarian.

How long does a typical water therapy session last?
Although this varies depending on the patient, generally each session lasts about 45 minutes.

Is there an on-site vet?
Yes. There is a licensed vet on-site during therapy hours.

I have a very big dog. Can you provide him with therapy?
Our facilities (including our in-pool treadmill) are big enough to fit even the largest of canines.

How do I know if rehabilitation therapy is right for my pet?
First and foremost, your veterinarian will tell you. Most of our patients are referred by their veterinarian or specialist. We request a brief referral summary by fax or email. Most commonly, our patients are in one of the following situations:

  • Recently completed surgery
  • Have multiple limb injuries
  • Are in preparation for surgery
  • Have complex medical/surgical problems (i.e. Cushings disease and ACL repairs)
  • Have neurological problems
  • Suffer with chronic pain related to age or medical problems
  • Seek to improve their athletic performance / meet athletic goals