Cold Weather Field Trips for Pets

If your dog is feeling cooped up this winter, try taking him or her on outings with you during the week. Even a short trip to a dog friendly pet store or coffee shop can make their week more eventful. For dogs and cats, consider having a pet sitter drop by to exercise your pooch or play with your cat.

New Year’s Resolution: Pet Exercise!

Exercise is the most common New Year’s resolution for humans and there is no reason why it can’t be for your pet too!

Indoor games can keep your pet active while giving them some quality one on one time. For dogs, try some new toys like a rope to play tug with. Fetch is also a great game to play indoors with small stuffed animals. To increase the pet’s activity level try tossing the toy up stairs (make sure the stairs have carpeting or a runner to prevent slipping).

If your dog likes to chase, try attaching a stuffed animal to the end of a rope. Even though going outside is difficult this time of year, indoor open areas work well too.

For cats try to mix up their toys and introduce some feathery or fur-like toys on “fishing poles” that will encourage stalking, leaping and pouncing- especially right before mealtime when your cat is hungry. Interactive toys are enjoyed by both dogs and cats especially ones that dispense treats!

Rocco’s Pet Therapy

Rocco LOVES spending time outside with his favorite therapy ladies!

Tanzer at Dog Water Therapy

Look at this girl go!!! Tanzer is recovering from back surgery and is doing VERY well!! She loves coming to Therapy to see all of her friends!


Goose’s Dog Therapy

Goose seems very happy after his first therapy session!!!

Jesse’s Pet Water Therapy!

Meet Jesse!! She is coming to us for some “old lady” maintenance


Let’s all welcome Tyson to pet therapy!

Tyson is going to be staying with us to get the extra care he needs to recover from a back injury!

Dog Water Therapy: Nick!

We would like to welcome Nick to therapy!!! He is here to help his old bones get ready for summer!!

Another Day in Pet Rehab Paradise

Bailey is one of our new clients here at Paradise Rehab.!!

He recently went on a routine sun set boat ride with his family while visiting Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Just another day in paradise!

Dog Water Therapy Cute Picture: Lilly!

Every week Lilly comes in and does an AMAZING job on the treadmill!
This happy little princess loves her treatment!!