Sadie as Santa

Sadie is getting in the Holiday spirit! She came to pet therapy with her Santa hat!!


Good Luck Jean!

Our long-time technician and friend to all pets, Jean Flutka, is leaving the hospital this month to pursue a human nursing degree. We’re sorry to lose her, but excited for the next stage of her life. We will miss her expertise, her humor and her steady hand. We wish her much success in her new profession; nursing is lucky to have her.

Jean Flutka

Working Hard on The Doggie Treadmill!

It’s time to go home and relax!

Paradise Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine has been helping dogs and cats with mobility, pain management and athletic performance for more than a decade. We offer state-of-the-art facilities including a fully accessible underwater treadmill in a heated pool, medical therapy boarding rooms and an outdoor therapy courtyard.

Lilly being fashionable after working hard on the treadmill!

At Paradise Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, our water therapy program is one of the area’s best. Our treadmill is located in a spacious, 18-by-6-by-4 foot heated therapy pool (rather than a tank), which allows a therapist to be in the water with every patient. Animals are lowered into the pool on the treadmill along side a trainer.

Dog Bowel Movements

Many dogs who have suffered spinal cord injuries lose the ability to manage their own bowel movements. At Paradise Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine we have experience working with medications, treatments and techniques to return your pet to a functional, house-trained family member.

We imagine that you may have a great deal of questions about this so please don’t hesitate to call!

Ferret Therapy and Rehab!

We were so excited to work with this little guy! Burrito is a 9 month old ferret who is having some neurological issues. We are going to do the best we can to try and get this sweet boy back on his feet!!

Dog Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic Ultrasound Provides pain relief and decreases muscle spasms.

Therapeutic Ultrasound enables our therapists to send targeted sound waves directly into an animal’s damaged tissue areas. Through repeated treatments, this therapy helps to heal tissue found in the muscles, joints and bones.Therapeutic Ultrasound offers the following benefits:
◾Reduces pain
◾Reduces muscle spasms
◾Reduces inflammation


Our Dog Therapy Courtyard

Land Therapy is a collection of dog training exercises that take place on the ground, in an open space. It involves the stimulation of an animal’s independant, unsupported movements with “game-style” workouts like pole mazes, sit-to-stand, hill climbing and more. Land Therapy exercises focus on strength, balance, speed and flexibility and are designed to slowly reintroduce lifestyle wellness. At Paradise Canine Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, many of our therapy regimes include a Moderate Land Therapy component, targeted to the needs of our patients. Continued practice of these exercises is done at home by the pet owner. Intensive Land Therapy done at our facility is most appropriate for our boarded patients, or those with serious medical or neurological conditions.Land Therapy offers the following benefits:
◾Reacquaints the animal with lifestyle movements
◾Improves flexibility
◾Increases mobility
◾Helps build muscle
◾Supports other therapies

Dog Water Therapy’s Cute Pet of the Week: Boo

Little Boo was happy to find out that not only is she boarding at her favorite place, she gets to have a tread mill session too!!

Photo: Little Boo was happy to find out that not only is she boarding at her favorite place..... She gets to have a tread mill session too!!


Dog Water Therapy: Bentley!!!

Bentley looks forward to walking on the tread mill every other week! He also LOVES to eat his FAVORITE treats while he walks!!