Valuable Links

Here are some valuable links as chosen by the hospital’s veterinarians:

Care For Your Pets

CATalyst Council –Learn about how important it is for cats to receive the proper care and attention they need and deserve.

Heartworm Society — Answers all of your questions about heartworm disease.

Loss and Grieving

Loss and Grieving Resources on

Pennsylvania Pet Loss Resources

Pet Safety

National Animal Poision Control Center

Plants Toxic to Animals — Which plants are dangerous for your pets.

Veterinary Information Network — Good resources for you to learn about animal health.

Center for Disease Control (Dogs) — Zoonotic diseases transmitted from dogs to humans.

Center for Disease Control (Cats) —  Zoonotic diseases transmitted from casts to humans.

Cat and Dog Breed Information

AKC Breed List for Dogs

Cat Fanciers’  Association Breed list for Cats

Food and Diet Resources

Hills (Science Diet and Hills Prescription Diet)

Royal Canin

Purina Prescription Diets